Grant Update

July 19, 2013

Hey everyone,

Well, it's been a real honour reading through all the entrants for the Partnership, and I have to say the standard was incredibly high, which made it that much harder to decide on a winner.

In the end we decided on an artist that had already proven to be pro-active, had a plan that had a set goal and quantifiable outcomes. They needed to show that they were already on a progression, and that they had a strong vision for their art. Most importantly, they needed to be producing music that is awesome, exciting, and shows enormous potential. Our winner certainly fit this description, and I'm really excited to announce that the successful applicant is...........GOVS.

Congratulations, and I'm looking forward to meeting with you in person!

I just wanted to say thanks to all the applicants again... it was a pleasure to read through, and listen to, the over 170 entries and hear just how vibrant and varied the Australian indie music scene is.